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Elegant Egret 5950LO, lawn ornament, lawn decoration,  Egret  ornament
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    The 5950LO Egret can dress up any lawn with its beauty. The Egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society which was founded to protect birds from being killed for their feathers.

    Floating Swan 5889LO, FLOATING SWAN,lawn ornament, lawn decoration,  swan ornament
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      The 5889LO Floating Swan is known to deter Canadian Geese and are useful in areas where geese have become a nuisance.

      Great Blue Heron lawn ornament, lawn decoration,  Great Blue Heron ornament
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        The 5960LO Great Blue Heron is a beautiful addition for lawns with a pond. Great Blue Herons may be taking fish from the pond and the 5960LO can be used to scare the birds away.