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Elegant Egret
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    The 5950LO Egret can dress up any lawn with its beauty. The Egret is the symbol of the National Audubon Society which was founded to protect birds from being killed for their feathers.

    Floating Swan
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      The 5889LO Floating Swan is known to deter Canadian Geese and are useful in areas where geese have become a nuisance.

      Great Blue Heron
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        The 5960LO Great Blue Heron is a beautiful addition for lawns with a pond. Great Blue Herons may be taking fish from the pond and the 5960LO can be used to scare the birds away.

        Master Series Lone Howler
        Availability: In Stock
        Item #: 5985MS-1 -

          The most realistic coyote decoy available! The faux fur tail with wire frame is posable and moves in the wind. Simulate captured prey by attaching a white rag or rabbit pelt to the snout to elicit an instinctive response from approaching coyotes. Remove the rear legs and the decoy sits as though in a howling position. Remove both front and rear legs to display a relaxed, bedded dog in a resting position. Ultra-sturdy construction with heavy-duty threaded leg posts and locking lugs Easily...

          Standing Canada Goose
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          Item #: 5994LO -

            The 5994LO Standing Full Body Canada Goose has a twist lock system on both the head and the foot base that ensures a tight secure fit. The extra large foot base provides stability.