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Need some advice? Got a question? Problem? Hey, no problem! We're easy to deal with, easy to get a hold of. And you can do it by phone, fax, e-mail or "snail" mail. Your choice.

Flambeau Hardware- Flambeau, Inc.

15981 Valplast Road
Middlefield, Ohio 44062

Phone: 800-232-3474
Fax: 440-632-1581

Want to know where to purchase Flambeau Hardware products in your area? Just send an email to and our Customer Service team will e-mail you back a list of Flambeau Hardware retailers in your area.

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Business Contacts

We're easy to get a hold of, easy to deal with. We can help you make the Flambeau Hardware family of products a profitable part of your business.

If your company is better served by partial case quantities, or orders less than $250.00 NET, you can contact one of Flambeau Hardware's distributors directly. For your convenience, we have a Distributor List on this site.

And if you have a question, a problem or a comment, you can always contact us in one of the following ways:

Flambeau Hardware - Flambeau, Inc.

15981 Valplast Road
Middlefield, Ohio 44062

Phone: 800-457-5252
Fax: 440-632-1581

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